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What began as an bad offhand joke has become a bad joke of a community!

CoLOLnials goes boldly where no macro artist has gone before (probably), to the 18th Century, the American War for Independence, bringing you the same bad spelling and tasteless humor in a whole new milieu.

So, post some revolting colonists!

The idea is devious. Take images from the period, or of re-enactors recreating it, and make yourself a funny macro.

The process is simple. You find an image. You make up your brilliant caption - or steal one from the Classic Canon of Macrodom. You put some nice bold Impact text over a perfectly good picture, ruining it forevar. If your skills and tools are up to the task, you make sure the text has an outline/stroke around it to be legible.

Et voila, u has a macro.


As anyone interested in the period has doubtless figured out, that moderation is best which moderates least... but certain rules are needed:

#1) Be funny. I can't stress this enough. Funny makes up for almost any other sin.
#2) If you have a bunch of macros, you don't need to post them individually... put them all in one post - and lead with your best work, as people are then inclined to be more generous for the other stuff.
#3) I get most of my ideas at work. I surf a lot from work. I plan to moderate from work. Though I doubt the rule is necessary given the topic, if you absolutely can't live without posting some offcolor period engraving, etc, lj-cut and clearly mark anything that might be considered unfit for workplaces - NSFW, NWS, whatever you call it.

That being said, a final recommendation - browsing a macro community is annoying when half the entries are behind cuts - and I speak here as a man who checks in from a dial-up connection, so don't give me that look. I'd prefer to see macros right up front, uncut, in all their glory, unless you're doing multiple variations on the same theme/text. If you're worried about an overflowing "friends page", don't "watch" the community. You can join without changing that status, and just check the community when you've time and inclination.

Basically, use your better judgment. Have fun. And don't worry, I'll be around to capriciously add, remove, or ignore rules as the whim strikes me. So there. ~Smarriveurr